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Not In
My Name

President Biden, do not allow innocent children, Israeli or Palestinian, to be killed.

Not in my Name.


I am a Jew. My grandparents escaped the shtetls of Eastern Europe before the Holocaust and came to America. My Family has known of loss and oppression.

President Biden, do not allow humanitarian aid to be denied to any person, Israeli or Palestinian. 

Not In My Name.

 Some of my great aunts and uncles did not escape the Holocaust.  They were innocent people killed in concentration camps by those who sought a “final solution.”  I wish the world had offered them humanitarian aid.

President Biden, do not allow any country we support financially to keep refugees in unlivable conditions.

Not In My Name.  



Should Credit Reporting Agencies Be Legal

Consider this: If I persuaded someone to go through your mail to see what bills you are behind in, talked to your friends and the people who you do business with, collected information from old landlords and any doctor or hospital you were at, and sold that information to the highest bidder, would I be a creep or a credit reporting agency?  

Credit reporting agencies are such a big part of our lives that many of us have stopped looking at them for what they are: A corporate court system that makes secretive allegations, conducts private investigations, and issues rulings that take thousands of dollars of value away from a consumer. Even the description, an agency, is misleading. They are for-profit businesses that secretly collect information on us and sell it to whomever will pay.

Wage Theft, when a business takes a page out of the Trump play book and refuses to pay workers for work done, happens all to often.  For Free Lancers, Independent Contractors and "Gig" workers, its even worse, there is no legal  protection against a business refusing to pay for work that was done. 

Where you shop makes a difference.  Doing businesses with locally owned stores takes money from the owners of Wall-mart and Amazon and keeps money in our neighborhood. 

Local stores stock their shelves with what they believe is best for its consumers, not what is best for its MBAs.

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