Lance Haver

Consumer Advocate

The corporate tax cuts have created windfall profits for utilities and insurance companies.  Utilities are being forced to cut rates, its time for insurance companies to cut theirs.  Sign the petition calling for lower rates.

Wage Theft, when a business takes a page out of the Trump play book and refuses to pay workers for work done, happens all to often.  For Free Lancers, Independent Contractors and "Gig" workers, its even worse, there is no legal  protection against a business refusing to pay for work that was done. 

While Trump lies baits and angers, his silent supporters are attacking Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as well as other parts of the Social Safety Net.  Please join us as we fight to protect senior citizens, the disabled and those who need a helping hand

Your  drug store might be helping the pharmacy industry over charge you.   If you have a co pay, before you use your prescription plan to pay for your medicine, make sure you ask what it would cost it you bought it without using your health insurance.

I am returning to my roots, fighting for consumers from outside of government.  Our first fight is to lower insurance rates.  Pennsylvania should join other states and force Insurance Companies to lower rates.

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