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Lance Haver

Consumer Advocate

Because of the COVID virus, people are driving less, there are fewer accidents.  Many insurance companies are lowering rates or offering rebates, all should be.   And many insurance companies are benefiting from the COVID bail out.  All car and home owner insurance should be reduced.  Sign the petition calling for lower rates.


Fix the Unemployment Benefit System!

During the COVID shutdown, so many were unemployed that the State's system could not keep up.  Rather than hire new workers and fix the system, the Gov Wolf gave a sweetheart contract to a company that can't fix problems.  Shame the Gov and Lt Governor for turning their backs on the unemployed.

Wage Theft, when a business takes a page out of the Trump play book and refuses to pay workers for work done, happens all to often.  For Free Lancers, Independent Contractors and "Gig" workers, its even worse, there is no legal  protection against a business refusing to pay for work that was done. 

Where you shop makes a difference.  Doing businesses with locally owned stores takes money from the owners of Wall-mart and Amazon and keeps money in our neighborhood. 

Local stores stock their shelves with what they believe is best for its consumers, not what is best for its MBAs.

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